About us

Prolanka was founded in 2014 as a trading company of high quality gourmet products. At the moment, we are importing high-quality products from Spain to Sri Lanka. In addition, we are producing and commercializing our own rice brand called PLG, which is grown locally in Sri Lanka. Our production process includes high technology and a focus on security and food safety.

Among our high quality products imported from Spain, we are glad to be the exclusive importer and distributor for Macellum, a high quality Spanish olive oil brand, originated and manufactured in Cuenca, Spain. We are also introducing “dulce de leche”, which is a sweet paste similar to caramel that is very popular in South America and Spain.


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Mondovongo S.L. is our partner located in Spain Macellum is a commercial brand of gourmet products from USA Mangata World Inc. is our partner located in the USA